A compassionate and caring ear, regardless of religious beliefs

It’s a good idea to talk to your pastor for help with spiritual and emotional support when you’re going through tough times like sadness, sickness, problems with others or big changes in your life. You can have confidence in a safe space to share your burdens, fears and hopes, without judgment.

Remember to reach out to your campus pastor if…

You're going into the hospital

Notify your campus pastor when you or your loved one is hospitalized. If you wish, the campus pastor can contact your local congregation and/or the hospital spiritual care staff on your behalf. The campus pastor can also follow up with you when you return and offer spiritual support as you recover.

You are ill for a prolonged period

You may feel isolated when your health keeps you from attending chapel services or other community activities. The campus pastor can visit to see how you are doing, pray with you, and, if you wish, arrange for you to receive communion or other sacraments.

You’re facing a crisis

Life happens and it’s not always easy. Your campus pastor can offer you spiritual comfort and support through compassionate presence, prayer and confidential counsel.

You or your loved one is facing end of life

Your campus pastor can attend to you or your loved one and any family members as you cope with death and dying. A Bedside Memorial and/or Procession of Honor are available as well as support to coordinate funeral/memorial services.

You seek prayer support

Your campus pastor is always willing to pray with or for you or someone you care about. Campus pastors are committed to upholding confidentiality and will not carry your prayer forward to others without your permission.

You have spiritual or moral questions

Your campus pastor is a source of acceptance and spiritual direction if you have questions about the Bible and its teaching, or when you are wrestling with your faith.

Keep in mind, this is not an exhaustive list. You can call on your campus pastor’s services, friendship and support in other times and situations. Knowing your spiritual needs allows your campus pastor to offer their best to you.