PHS Wellness Programs

Wellness is like a symphony of dimensions in perfect harmony







Renew your strength, enrich your life and find balance with the support of PHS wellness programs.

Wellness is more than just staying healthy; it’s about living a life of purpose and meaning. At PHS you will find:

  • Opportunities to improve your personal wellness in a supportive atmosphere
  • People to help you identify your wellness goals and make plans to reach them
  • Spiritual care with on-site pastors
  • Intellectually stimulating programs, people and events
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Fitness Centers, pools (select communities), personal training and group fitness classes
  • Education on physical fitness, effective exercise and fitness equipment
  • Strong collaboration between PHS therapy and fitness professionals to aid your recovery efforts

Fuel your life

Stay active, engage your mind and ignite your passion by participating in wellness activities. Improving your physical fitness can:

  • Intensify your energy level
  • Promote good joint health
  • Enhance your strength, balance, mobility and flexibility
  • Reduce the risk of depression

Wellness Centers

Experienced fitness trainers manage wellness centers and teach classes to encourage healthy lifestyles. The equipment is designed for older individuals, and the programs are suitable for people of all fitness levels:

  • Individualized personal strength training
  • Group fitness classes, such as Pilates, aerobics and yoga
  • Aquatic classes in communities with a pool
  • Education on physical fitness
Wellness Programs Rehabilitation

Rehabilitative services

If you have been injured, undergone surgery or have a chronic health issue, a rehabilitation program can assist you in becoming stronger, improving your mobility, and gaining independence. The rehabilitation specialists at PHS can help you achieve a better quality of life.