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Understanding your finances

Knowledge is power.

A smart choice

Living in a senior community can be more affordable than owning a home.

Being a homeowner is more than just mortgage payments. Even when the mortgage has been paid, owning a home comes with ongoing expenses like lawn care, snow removal, roof repairs and heating/cooling costs. These expenses are usually included in rent, making choosing life in a senior living community a smart financial decision.

Compare the costs

Compare the costs of living in a senior living community to the costs of your current household. Start by looking at your monthly household expenses.

Speak with a listening ear

Many residents begin their journey in a similar situation. As we work together to find your perfect fit, you can have confidence in sharing anything. Your trust is our number one priority.

Ask questions

Discover the many amenities, benefits and conveniences included when you join a community. Presbyterian Homes & Services provides communities that cater to a range of budgets.

Take control

Curious about financial assistance programs? Learn more about achieving financial freedom and the peace of mind that comes with good financial planning.

You have options

Explore your options

Discover the best options for your financial well-being. Let’s have an open and honest conversation addressing your individual needs and concerns.

Let’s get started.

Build a secure financial future

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Tap into resources that care for the caregiver.

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Map your journey to your new home.