Health benefits

Senior living offers many benefits — especially for your health.

Start your journey to better well-being

Living in a senior community can bring many health advantages, not just a place to live. According to research from the National Institutes of Health and the American Society on Aging, residing in a community setting promotes overall well-being by:

  • Supporting social connections with neighbors and engaging activities
  • Encouraging healthy decision-making
  • Enjoying tasty and healthy meals catering to specific dietary needs and preferences
  • Providing access to resources for better health
  • Offering fitness classes to improve and maintain your health
  • Promoting opportunities for spiritual fellowship, education, worship and pastoral care

Energize your days

Many PHS communities prioritize an active lifestyle through fitness centers, walking paths, organized activities like swimming or yoga, and social events that encourage movement. This regular activity can help you maintain cardiovascular health, bone density, muscle strength and balance while reducing the risk of falls and chronic diseases.

Bon appetit!

The culinary teams at PHS are dedicated to offering you a variety of meal options prepared and served with love. You can expect balanced meals with appropriate nutrition, which can contribute to better digestive health, weight management and your overall well-being.

In a heartbeat

Some PHS communities offer onsite medical services, making it easier and quicker for you to receive regular checkups, manage chronic conditions and address immediate health concerns. This proactive approach to your health care can improve your well-being and prevent complications.

Stay connected

PHS communities foster a sense of belonging and connection through group activities, social events and opportunities to make new friends. Take advantage of the many social events while improving your mood and boosting overall mental well-being.

Think about it

Stay mentally engaged and stimulated with the many educational programs, cultural events and brain-training activities. Studies have proven cognitive stimulation can help maintain cognitive function, improve memory and potentially reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Ditch the chores

With assistance available for daily tasks like housekeeping, transportation and medication management, you can spend your days embracing your best life. Choose how to spend your time and embrace the luxury to live well.

Family ties

Reduce the worry of loved ones with the knowledge you are in a supportive environment with access to necessary care. Strengthen family relationships by enjoying quality time together without managing daily needs.

Customized solutions

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