Greet each new day with passion, purpose and hope.

Now is the ideal moment to welcome new experiences and live with freedom.

When you join a Presbyterian Homes & Services (PHS) senior living community, you have more freedom. Gone are the worries of home and yard maintenance. Even cooking and cleaning could be chores of the past. Invest your time focusing on the things and people that matter most to you. This is what it means to have the freedom to live well. Come experience the fulfilling life of senior living in a PHS community!

Friendships and a support system

Building connections with others provides a support system helping you stay strong and positive. Brush away loneliness and isolation by surrounding yourself with friends and family. Participating in social activities can brighten your day, challenge your mind and strengthen your body. You deserve to be in a community where life is better!

Enhanced quality of life

When you join a PHS community, your quality of life, nutrition and social well-being can improve. Your loved ones may also experience peace of mind knowing you are in a caring and supportive environment. Learn more about the health benefits.

Continuum of care

If your health changes, PHS can help with the care you need. Choose from different types of care, such as home care or long term care. You get to decide how much support you want.

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Senior living offers many benefits — especially for your health.

Say hello to a bright new chapter in life.

Life your way

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There’s something for everyone! Explore services, living options and amenities. Pursue your passion and embrace the life you deserve.