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Gifts of gratitude: ‘Enriching Lives’ spring 2024



cover image of Enriching Lives magazineAt Presbyterian Homes & Services (PHS), you don’t have to look far to see the impact our donors make towards enriching the lives and touching the hearts of older adults.

In the past year, donors gave 5.4 million to meet the needs of older adults with low income, fund our commitments to spiritual care, support employees and more.

But who are these donors and what motivates them to generosity? In the latest edition of “Enriching Lives,” the publication of the Presbyterian Homes Foundation, you will find inspirational stories of our donors — why they give and the positive outcomes they have seen.

The publication opens with the story of Sarah Maney, a resident of Folkestone in Wayzata, Minn.

Gifts of gratitude
Sarah Maney gives back

The wonderful staff at Folkestone are the heartbeat of the community. —Sarah Maney

image of Sarah ManeyMoving back to Minnesota was a clear choice for Sarah Maney, since she raised four children just outside of Minneapolis. But change is change and, in 2013, facing the recent loss of her husband, Sarah decided it was time to return there.

As a high schooler in Ames, Iowa, Sarah met the love of her life, a senior in art class named John Maney. He was a caring, quiet man, and always described as “such a nice guy.” After the high school sweethearts married, they moved to Minnesota, where their story unfolded. “We stayed there then, except for when I moved back home while John was stationed in Korea,” explains Sarah.

As John’s career in commercial real estate grew, so did his family. Sarah was busy as a full-time homemaker until the children launched out on their own, and most of them moved out of state. John and Sarah moved, too, after John retired, heading for the warmth of Arizona.

Then, in 2011, upon John’s passing, Sarah wished to be near family again and returned to Minnesota, becoming one of Folkestone’s first residents. She loves being near shops and restaurants and, of course, her family – which now includes eight grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

At Folkestone, Sarah appreciates that “you can have as much or as little socialization as you want.” When she wants to visit with others, she enjoys walking the halls of her building, and says, “Why, in just a 30-minute walk, I will see at least 10 people!” Sometimes she lingers by the puzzle table, too, putting “just one more piece” in its place.

Sarah also enthusiastically participates in the cardio drumming class which includes residents from the memory care center. “I love seeing their eyes sparkle when we have so much fun together!” On quieter days, Sarah might read for one of her three book clubs, or play games like Canasta, Mahjong, or Rummikub.

The staff and residents at Folkestone embrace Sarah’s individuality and participation on various committees. “It’s okay to be who I am here,” she comments thoughtfully, “and I want to send that message to everyone else, as well.”

In appreciation for such caring staff members, and to help employees facing financial hardships, Sarah Maney set up recurring gifts to the Joy Society. “When I learned that I could give to the Employee Support fund, I was so happy to help. It’s a privilege to be able to share with others since they give so much to all of us every day!”

This edition also says “thank you” by naming many donors who support our mission and ministry. These pages acknowledge the residents, family members, friends and employees who made charitable gifts to PHS in 2023.

Our generous donors, many who live or work at a PHS community, empower residents, employees and volunteers through unwavering faith and dedication to others.  Large or small, every gift makes a difference. We are grateful for them and for their giving spirit!

Read the spring 2024 digital edition of Enriching Lives

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