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Light for the Way devotional seriesWe invite you to take a peek inside our weekly Light for the Way devotional series provided for staff.

By Pastor Keith Lomen, Pastoral Care Director, The Deerfield

Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up. —Luke 18:1, NIV

My wife and I remodeled our kitchen last summer. It’s beautiful — stylish new cabinets, new flooring, plumbing, the whole shooting match! But you see, there’s still one problem. We haven’t found a kitchen table to match our beautiful new kitchen yet. It’s been six months!

We even went out looking yesterday at two more places, and I prayed specifically for God to help us find one. We told God how desperate we were to find a silly table to finish off our kitchen. But so far, no table and no answer to prayer. Sad face!

In the parable of the persistent widow in Luke 18, Jesus told of a widow in a small town who had a problem with an adversary. This widow went early and often to see the judge in that town, to seek his help with her problem. And even though he was just a jerk of a man, not caring about God or anyone else, she finally wore him down with her continual coming to him. Finally, he gave in and helped solve her problem.

The moral of the story? Pray and keep on praying!

You may not be praying for a kitchen table like I am, but maybe, just maybe, you are praying about a troubled loved one or some other long-standing problem. It’s nice to know that our God is NOTHING like the unjust judge in Luke 18. No, God is just waiting for us to come to Him with all our needs- even needs like a new kitchen table.

Are we tired of looking for a kitchen table? Yes! Are we tired of praying about it? Absolutely. But we’ll keep praying, and we are confident that very SOON God is going to hear and answer that heartfelt prayer. As Jesus directs, we’ll keep praying! And keep praying about YOUR nagging and long-standing problems as well. Like Frasier, God is listening!

Pastor Keith Lomen is happily married to his beautiful wife Nan. They have two sons and two grandsons, and are actively enjoying (and fixing up!) their home in White Bear Lake. Pastor Keith loves sports and follows them all, and he still plays as many of them as he can.

The Light for the Way series provides staff with an examination of a biblical reading to deepen our focus on scripture. Thank you for engaging with this series as we seek wisdom through prayer and reflection as a Christian Ministry.



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