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Pum and Drew's wedding pictures

Pum and Drew Swanson wedding at Presbyterian Homes & Services
Today we share a love story in our Better Together series in honor of Valentine’s Day.

Four years ago, employees Pum and Drew Swanson pulled off a wedding to be remembered in Presbyterian Homes & Service (PHS) history.

It was late Monday afternoon, December 4 — and as the workday hum faded at PHS headquarters in Roseville, MN, Pum made a quiet reappearance. Now dressed in a beautiful wedding gown, she was beaming with tears.

Stepping inside the small, stained-glass chapel, Pum met Drew, and together they declared their love for one another and exchanged vows in marriage.

The intimate wedding – attended by a small collection of Pum and Drew’s close family members and coworkers – was officiated by Pastor Chris Wheatley, PHS senior director of pastoral care services.

Just one week later, Drew and Pum’s first child Quinn was due to make his arrival in the world. Now Quinn would share the same last name with both mom and dad – thanks, in part, to quick thinking by Nawassa Smith, Pum’s coworker and friend.

When Nawassa heard Pum and Drew wanted to get married – but didn’t know how to make it happen quickly – Nawassa linked them to Pastor Chris.

Pum recalls Pastor Chris exclaiming, “Yes, let’s do this!”

Of course, in addition to a pastor, the couple needed a wedding venue. “Oh yes, you’re very welcome to use our space!” said Val Alt, executive assistant to CEO Dan Lindh, offering the PHS chapel.

Drew reflects on that special day. “Since I’ve been with PHS,” he said, “it’s just been one thing after another that’s surprised me. It’s the love, the family atmosphere – just another realization of ‘Wow! This can be work?!’”

Pum adds, “You know, [there are] thousands of workers in this company … we are just little people. I feel appreciated. It’s so important to us [that PHS was] really willing to do it for us.”

Today Pum is a housing billing specialist and Drew is a chef at Beacon Hill, and seven months ago, they welcomed a baby daughter to their family!

Pum and Drew family

They love participating in the same mission — even calling PHS ‘family’. “I don’t feel I get up every morning and have to go to work,” Pum reflects. “No, I feel like I enjoy something with my family every day.”

Drew agrees: “It’s not a feeling of I have to go to work, but it’s more a question of who do I get to work with today? Who do I connect with and work alongside?”

Pum concludes, “I feel all this good energy goes back to the residents. That’s why I love to work here. The way we serve and support residents, families and coworkers at PHS is beyond family.”

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