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Education assistance empowers PHS employees to make a difference



Today we share a story from our Better Together series reflecting our value of stewardship.


Stewardship is all about caring for and managing well our resources. Here at Presbyterian Homes & Services (PHS), employees are the most important resource in our ministry.

So, we are committed to an environment where employees are valued and empowered to make a difference.

Comfort’s story

Comfort Cephas is gladly taking us up on that promise. She’s a certified nursing assistant and trained medication aide at Folkestone in Wayzata, Minn. Her vision for her future extends far beyond her current role, as she plans on becoming a Registered Nurse (RN).

Comfort’s supervisors agree that she has the “right stuff” to make that happen. In fact, PHS provided her with an education scholarship to help ease the burden of paying for college.

Comfort attends Rasmussen University and is working toward her associate degree in professional nursing. From there, she plans on getting her Bachelor of Science degree in nursing.

Comfort says, “The administrator of the care center told me about the scholarship and gave me hints for how to go about applying.” She adds that she personally knows one coworker who became an RN and another who is also starting the journey.

“I’m so glad I’m working at PHS,” she observes. “They help you to be who you want to be!”

Agnes’s story

Meet Agnes Nchogu, another certified nursing assistant at Folkestone! As a wife, mom of three, employee and student, Agnes says she is thankful for the support of family, friends, and her “nice little family at Folkestone,” who have helped her manage the many demands of life.

nursing assistant
Nursing Assistant Agnes Nchogu

Almost done with her general classes at Rasmussen University, Agnes is aiming to complete her Bachelor of Science degree in nursing in September 2023.

PHS and Agnes’ teammates at Folkestone have played a crucial role in helping her pursue her dreams. She received a PHS scholarship to assist with her schooling and later moved from full-time to part-time status for better work-life balance.

Agnes says her coworkers have exchanged shifts to help her with her classes. “My coworkers have been so supportive of my life,” she says. “They tell me, ‘If you need help … we are here to help you.’”

“Since I was a little girl, my dad would say, ‘What do you want to be in the future?’ I would tell him, ‘I want to be a nurse.’ So … I’ve always wanted to make a difference,” says Agnes.

And after she becomes a nurse? “I would love to continue growing here with Presbyterian Homes.”

Learn about our Education Assistance program

We honor all our employees who are working to advance their careers while serving our residents with care! Learn more about how you, too, can jumpstart your career at PHS with our Education Assistance program.

Do you know someone looking for more purpose in their work? Share the good news and the many opportunities to join our team at www.preshomes.org/careers.

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