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Kind Regards – Flagstone staff help ‘enrich our community and foster inclusiveness’



The following letter comes from the resident council at Flagstone in Eden Prairie, Minn. Reading their firsthand experience renews our passion and purpose. It’s our hope that their letter touches your hearts too.

kind regardsTo the Flagstone team:

It has been over a year since the first residents moved to Flagstone. We have seen many changes since we arrived. We want to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to the Flagstone team for your willingness to be responsive and to collaborate with us. You have treated us as friends as we make Flagstone our home.

Molly, Kassandra, Shelsie and Joni, you have set the foundation for developing an inclusive and caring community. You have listened to us at meetings and have made things happen when action was needed. You put us in touch with Eden Prairie officials so concerns beyond Flagstone could be expressed. The pedestrian crossing on Columbine was established as a result of our concerns for safety being heard.

Kari, through your creativity and energy we can now participate in a wide range of activities and events such as discussion groups, book groups, games, lecture series, movies, arts and crafts, concert and entertainment series in addition to events in the metro area. You have encouraged us to be mindful of the needs of our Terrace [independent living] residents as well as the entire Flagstone community and beyond.

Paula, among the things you have offered are worship services, studies for personal growth, and inspirational movies. You are mindful of our spiritual needs.

Katie, you have listened to us regarding food preferences and needs and have responded to our suggestions. It is very apparent that you aim to make the bistro and restaurant experiences positive. We recognize that you have had challenges in the past months, dealing with COVID-19 and resulting shortage of available help. Thankfully, some of those issues have been resolved. Nicole and all your staff, we appreciate your special offerings, theme dinners, buffets, happy hours, birthday celebrations and cooking demonstrations.

Brad, you and your maintenance team have been outstanding. When notified of a problem, help may arrive minutes after a phone request is made. A job is not done until we are satisfied.

Hannah, you have been responsive to our physical needs and have developed a wonderful [fitness] program for us with so many options. You have been attentive to the needs of individuals.

Anne, while at the reception desk, you set the tone for our community with your welcoming and kind nature. You seem to be able to do everything. We are in awe of your many talents and appreciate how responsive you are to our needs.

We are so fortunate to have you as our leadership team. With your support and interest in our well-being, you have all helped to enrich our community and foster the spirit of inclusiveness. We look forward to our ongoing partnership as we continue to settle into our new community.

Thank you,
The Resident Council

writing bubbleKind Regards is a regular feature that shares the letters, handwritten cards, emails and reviews we receive from those we serve. Beyond expressing appreciation, these letters remind us how important and needed our ministry is and inspire us to offer our best. All letters shared with permission. Please consider writing a letter or leaving a review on Google or Facebook.

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