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Savoring culinary excellence: A win-win for residents and employees



Imagine a dining experience that not only satisfies your palate but also nourishes your soul. How might your perception of senior living communities change if you discovered they offer exceptional dining experiences that rival some of the finest restaurants?

We offer a peek inside fine dining at Boutwells Landing, where employees and residents alike dish the secret sauce.

5 reasons to savor culinary excellence at our communities

Special thanks to Boutwells Landing residents Greg and Rita Iverson, and Leo and Roberta Forss.

Personalized, flavorful meals: “The culinary staff goes out of their way to provide excellent food and a great dining experience.”
Friends and socialization: “It’s amazing! We come down and sit with our friends. It’s really a lovely, lovely time.”
Nutrition and wellness offerings: “We eat meals here, we exercise every morning downstairs, walk around the building, participate in classes. There’s so much – you can’t do it all!”
Nonprofit, faith-based ministry: “We like that this is a nonprofit, faith-based organization. That means a lot.”
Prime rib: “We like all their meals. But when they tell people that they’re serving prime rib, you have to run straight to your room to place a reservation. They fill up immediately.”

5 reasons to join our nutrition & culinary services team

Special thanks to Boutwells Landing’s Mark Marthaler, nutrition & culinary services director; Jenny Williams, executive chef; Apple Binas Cole, nutrition & culinary services supervisor; and Quinn Hawley, chef and lead cook.

Purpose and fulfillment: “I love cooking and I love serving.”
Better hours and stability: “The hours are better than restaurants, you get benefits easier and employment is just more stable.”
Experimentation, creativity and connection: “What we do here is take something the people find comforting and bring it to a new level. I get to combine things that are really exciting for people I care about.”
Teamwork and diversity: “I feel very welcome at Presbyterian Homes. It’s my second family here in the U.S., and we love each other.”
Professional growth, training and flexibility: “There are lots of opportunities to learn and advance. If you’re willing to train, we’re willing to put in the work and do whatever we need to have the people who are the right fit for our team.”

During this National Healthcare Food Service Workers Week, we recognize more than 1,750 nutrition & culinary services employees dedicated to elevating the dining experience for thousands of older adults every day. Thank you!

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