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The true meaning of family



Folkestone teammatesAs we continue into the new year, we share the next story in our new Better Together series — celebrating life together at Presbyterian Homes & Services (PHS) through the many stories that reveal how we are better together.

In a previous blog story entitled, ‘Then I met Aminga…’ we introduced you to Dennis, a resident of The Gables at Folkestone, and Aminga Keago, a nursing assistant whose care and compassion helped Dennis overcome his fears and learn to walk again. Today, we share more about how Aminga encourages The Gables team to be better together.

A team built on respect

Dennis is the first to acknowledge, “It’s not just Aminga. It’s all of them,” referring to the team of staff at Folkestone. “They communicate with each other very well. I used to have 150 employees work for me — so I pay attention to what goes on around a place,” he adds.

Aminga and his teammates understand that a resident’s positive experience results not just from one-star employee, but from a fully dedicated and professional team working together in harmony.

Reflecting on what makes his team tick, Aminga notes:

The core value of everything is respect. When we have respect, it brings understanding and gives us very nice teamwork. So, we can deliver that to our residents.”

Aminga continues, “We serve a community that continually needs readjustment. With time, aging brings changes. So, we must understand circumstances and operate with a sense of humility.”

Timon Sahlstrom, clinical coordinator, notes the immediate strength and insight that new employees gain from Aminga. “Aminga is an excellent trainer,” he says. “He shows how residents want to be cared for and what you need to know to respond well. He gives others the opportunity to rise to the occasion.”

At the end of the day, it’s not just a job well done – but the experience of growing with a family of professionals. Aminga helps new team members feel “from day one that you’re part of the family,” adds Timon.

Growing up in Kenya with family connections to the Peace Corps, Aminga explains, “I grew up with my eyes opened to a wider picture of one race, one community, one people.” He says complexion isn’t what makes a difference but “the way we see.”

‘One family’

“We have staff from different cultures,” Aminga continues. “How they view everything is shaped by the environment in which they grew up. And this might lead to different interpretations. But with teamwork, you help your teammate to either readjust or understand the present.”

“So,” he concludes, “it is easy for us to form one family. The Gables family. And this gives us encouragement, uplifting us with the energy to serve with dignity.”

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