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Fun fact: As of today, a little more than a quarter of the 7,800 employees at Presbyterian Homes & Services serve in nutrition & culinary roles. This speaks to the importance of not only providing nourishment, but also the happiness that a warm meal can bring. Our nutrition & culinary teammates play a major role in providing this satisfaction for every resident or client they serve, whether it’s the planning, cooking, preparing or serving. As you’ll see in the following stories, our mission of “honoring God by enriching the lives and touching the hearts of older adults” is truly carried out by this team of talented, dedicated individuals.

Would you like to hear a few personal stories and find out about the benefits that come with employment here? Just in case you missed them, here are our top five stories that give an inside look at the wonderful PHS nutrition & culinary team!
Paige and resident

1. A culinary server’s journey to campus leadership

Paige and resident

This is great a story of mission and opportunity. A look into the amazing career of Paige who, at the time of this posting, has been with PHS for 11 years!

2. Make Your Mark: Ken’s Big Kitchen

Ken's fruit carvings

Here’s the wonderful story of Ken and the impact he’s made on Johanna Shores through his use of crafty creations. Learn how he leaned into his creative side during the Covid-19 lockdown and gained a couple mentees along the way.

3. Chef Mike’s dream job

Chef Mike

Here is a look into what makes Chef Mike’s time at PHS so rewarding and unique from previous places he’s worked.

4. Top 10 reasons to join culinary at Presbyterian Homes & Services

It’s about more than just the food! A look into some of the benefits of working in culinary, and a “day in the life of a server” video.

5. Savoring culinary excellence: A win-win for residents and employees

​Whether you’re someone looking to make a major living transition or looking for fulfilling work in a welcoming environment, here’s why PHS is something to be considered during this search.

After reading a couple of the previous stories, you can already see the impact that can be made on residents and clients by leaning into the gifts one has been blessed with. Within the culinary department, gifts can be anything from fruit artistry to cultivating relationships through kind words and a friendly smile.

Are you or someone you know looking for more purpose in their work? Share the good news and the many opportunities to make a mark through the culinary arts at Culinary Roles – Presbyterian Homes & Services (preshomes.org)

Check out this brief collage of culinary creations across Presbyterian Homes & Services!



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