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June is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month. Recently, Maranatha Campus Pastor Bitrus Bamai witnessed “a breathtaking show of love that knows no bounds.” Today he shares the heartwarming story of a husband who “keeps showing love towards his beloved wife despite her Alzheimer’s condition.” 

beloved couple

A story of unconditional love and Alzheimer’s

Recently I was leading an activity called “Spiritual Fun Time” in our memory care neighborhood. I use spiritual and biblical stories, devotionals and hymns in a very relaxed mood to help the residents with dementia engage with their past, reignite memories, engender hope and experience the love of God and of one another as God’s “beloved.”

It’s also an opportunity for visiting family members of these precious children of God, created in God’s image and likeness, to show the same love to their loved ones in our communities.

‘Yes! I will marry her again!’

So I began with a simple question, “What excites you most in your life?” One resident said while pointing to the group: “Being around great people like you.”

A husband visiting his wife spoke up also. Looking at her so intently, with a smile covering his face, he answered, “My wife excites me!” After a little pause, he said, “And Jesus.”

Then I asked him, “Do you really mean that your wife excites you?”

He said, “Yes! I will marry her again!” That statement touched me to my core.

So I asked him, “Do you want me to marry you again?”

He excitedly said, “Yes, that will be great!” It was like a movie and so electrifying. So, I asked him to hold his wife’s hand and declare his heart to her.

Kneeling, he said, “Honey, I missed you so much lately. It is only six months now, but it seems like forever. It is nice to be back with you here. Our first marriage was in 2004 and here it is in 2023: will you marry me again?”

While playing with the chocolate in her hand, she responded, “I suppose!” He said, “Oh you are great honey, let me kiss you.”

Watch the raw video:

‘Our commitment to love them regardless of their condition’

That was a breathtaking show of love that knows no bounds. A love that is unconditional, selfless and sacrificial. A love “for better for worse”!

His love for his wife reminds me of the command of our Lord Jesus Christ on how we should treat one another regardless of condition or status in life. He says, “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this, everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another” (John 13:34-35).

As we recognize this year’s National Alzheimer’s and Brain Health Awareness Month, I invite us to consider expressing this kind of love to those precious children of God who live with dementia. May we go above and beyond like this spouse and reignite our commitment to love them and others regardless of their condition.

Remember: they are “fearfully and wonderfully made by God’’ (Psalm 139:14). They are God’s beloved, who deserve to be shown the love that knows no bounds! “And now these three remain faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love” (1 Corinthians 13:13).

PHS supports families

We encourage families to participate in activities and support groups to improve communication and to cultivate a stronger relationship with loved ones. Resources are available to families desiring to learn more about memory loss.

We also support families who are new to the journey of dementia. If you’re caring for a person living with dementia, you might feel unsure where to start. We are here to listen and help you. Please contact us today for a personalized recommendation – or call us at 651-631-6100.

You can also explore our memory care communities in Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin.

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