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How senior living gave Joan the freedom to live well



image of walking path outside Croixdale in Bayport MinnesotaJoan’s story

Are you considering improving your quality of life with a move to a Presbyterian Homes & Services community? Joan, a resident, wishes to encourage anyone who may be feeling reluctant or anxious about making the change. She tells why she made the choice — and has no regrets.

‘I wanted to make my own decisions’

I was 77 years old when I moved to Croixdale in Bayport, Minn. People asked me my reason for moving to a senior community. My response was that I wanted to make my own decisions; I wanted to be the one in control of my choices.

After living alone in my home for two years, I realized that in the years ahead I may not be able to climb steps each evening for bed nor navigate even more steps to the basement for laundry. My yard was large and required extra work to keep up. I couldn’t have the beautiful yard and garden my husband had maintained.

So, when I read that Croixdale was opening a new building, I knew I had to start thinking about what was to come in life. I remember my first visit: I stood in the hallway near where the receptionist desk is located. I looked at the Town Center, which was very unfinished, and the parking lot, which was dirt.

Despite the state of things right then, I knew this was where I needed to live. I informed my children I was selling my home and moving to Croixdale.

‘I have been an active participant’

Over the years here I have done some volunteering. For 13 years I planned our monthly luncheon outings and helped serve coffee and baked goods in the café. I have been an active participant in a weekly group that plays Mexican Train Dominoes. In earlier years, we would often go out to eat after our games, but more recently we have food delivered or hold a potluck in the Club Room. During the summer, I enjoy the outdoor picnics and bonfires. In my mid-80s, I gave up bowling in a senior league, but have managed to keep busy here. Beyond giving my time, at present I am writing my memoir.

‘I have so much support’

Since moving to Croixdale, I’ve made some life changes: I sold my car and stopped driving, adjusted to hearing aids, had both knees replaced, learned to text and FaceTime and, about a year ago, purchased a walker (initially for outdoor strolls but as time passes I know I’ll use it more regularly). I have also learned to rely more on my wonderful family to help me with appointments and shopping trips. None of these changes has been easy, but I have so much support I would never complain.

As I sit at my desk facing the backyard, the pond is shimmering, and I can watch the wildlife at the feeding station. I know, as of now, there is no place I would rather be than right where I am.

—Joan, who lives at Croixdale, a Presbyterian Homes & Services community in Bayport, Minn.

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Your decisions today will shape the kind of life you have tomorrow. Like Joan, make yours a positive lifestyle choice. We have many living options to choose from in Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin. We encourage you to contact us today to learn more about the freedom to live well at a PHS community.



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