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Therapy, Corvettes and an unexpected friendship



During National Physical Therapy Month, Presbyterian Homes & Services extends our heartfelt thanks to the physical therapists at our communities and within Optage Home Care. Your dedication and expertise have brought improved mobility and a better quality of life to our residents, and we’re truly grateful for your exceptional care.

By Jessica Weiche, rehabilitation program manager at Langton Shores in Roseville, Minn.

‘Their paths have never crossed until now’

Neither Carol Hokel nor Cheryl Lavell are strangers to Langton Shores in Roseville, Minn.

Over the last several years, both women have been inpatients in transitional care more than once, both have received home care and both have participated in outpatient therapy services through Presbyterian Homes & Services.

And yet their paths have never crossed until now.

Recently Carol and Cheryl completed another round of inpatient short-term rehabilitation, and both are back to continue their recovery with outpatient therapy services at Langton Shores.

Remarkably, they ended up with the exact same outpatient schedule — biweekly appointments at the same time.

‘It added a fun flair to that hour’

Both Carol and Cheryl have supportive partners, Gary and Brian, who unfailingly bring these women to their appointments and patiently wait during the therapy sessions.

It was at one of these appointments that the couples discovered one thing in common (aside from their rehab journeys) … their passion for Corvettes!

Once this realization was made, it added a fun flair to that hour.

Now, Gary and Brian regularly bring their Corvettes to the sessions and often go riding together while the women are doing physical therapy. Together they talk about the various Corvettes they have owned through the years as well as car shows and Corvette clubs they attend.

Often this foursome can be found still visiting more than an hour after therapy sessions ended.

‘They encourage each other, laugh and commiserate’

From left: Gary and Carol with Sue Zieske, PTA; Linda Abel, PTA with Cheryl and Brian

Sue Zieske and Linda Abel, physical therapist assistants, routinely work with Carol and Cheryl. “The social aspect of outpatient therapy is so important as we consider overall wellness,” Sue shares. “They encourage each other, laugh and commiserate as well. Knowing that their ‘rides’ are enjoying themselves allows the ladies to focus on improving so they can get back to doing what gives them joy.”

Linda adds, “They are so encouraging towards each other and empathetic! And for their significant others to have someone to relate to is so beneficial. Not only can they converse about caregiving but also their common passion — cars! It is a good outlet for them.”

‘A blessing to all of us’

Gary took author Jessica Weiche, rehab program manager, for a ride in Cyclone Ci!

Their impact is now reaching beyond the four of them. Other patients at Langton Shores enjoy watching the Corvettes come weekly, and I was recently invited out for a ride myself! Witnessing this friendship grow and develop has been such a blessing to all of us at Langton Shores!

Looking to improve your quality of life and gain greater independence?

If you are experiencing falls or balance changes, activities you used to do with ease are more challenging, or you have recently been hospitalized, our rehabilitation team can help. We offer exceptional care, serving with compassion whether you’re living at one of our communities or visiting for an appointment.

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