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Does a committed, long-serving workforce make a difference to an organization’s mission? Absolutely! At Presbyterian Homes & Services (PHS), the nation’s third-largest nonprofit senior living and services provider, it not only makes a difference, but it is also essential to our ministry.

At PHS, we focus on our employee promise that states, “Employees are the most important resource in our ministry.” We also say, “We are committed to an environment where employees are valued and empowered to make a difference.”

As I reflect on this promise, I see the results reflected in the impact we have been able to make for the residents and communities we serve.

When I think of longevity, I think of the dedication, resilience and commitment of our employees. I believe their unwavering dedication to serve older adults is foundational to the care and services PHS provides.

Just as a tree’s roots deepen and its branches spread across the years, employees who stay with PHS for an extended period contribute to our stability, growth and resilience. Additionally, our long-serving employees’ impact PHS through their contributions, fostering a sense of continuity and strength. As a result, PHS annually sets aside time to honor the “deep roots” and “enduring presence” of our experienced workers.

Though I am newer to PHS, I see a strong culture founded on our Christian ministry. I know this culture is what keeps our employees connected to their purposeful work and attracts others to want to be part of it. Our employees truly are the heart of our organization.

Many PHS employees have been with us for years, sharing their strengths, talents and ideas. Our experienced employees impact our ministry by providing:

• Long, life-enriching relationships with the residents they serve.
• Care and compassion through their embodiment of PHS Christian culture.
• Mentorship of newer employees with PHS best practices.
• Enhanced skills through their learning and development.

PHS recognizes all employees celebrating a work anniversary. In addition, this spring and summer, PHS will recognize and honor employees in every PHS community for milestone work anniversaries of 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 or 45 years.

For milestone employees observing 10 years or more, appreciation events are held that often include managers or community leaders offering stories about the honorees and the impact they have had, videos or slide shows, refreshments or meals, and affirmation gifts. A hallmark of the events is the PHS tradition of “blessing of the hands” services, which acknowledge we share in ministry together to serve older adults.

It is apparent that these long-serving employees have shaped and continue to strengthen PHS’ culture, development, operations and practices. Today, we celebrate not only the milestones they achieved but the impact they have made. These celebrations focus on each employee and his or her contributions in shaping our past and influencing our future.

I wish to publicly express my sincere gratitude to each PHS milestone employee for his or her loyalty, dedication, commitment and service. Your commitment inspires me and others to bring our best every day. Our ministry is blessed through your presence and excellent work. You, together with all PHS employees, truly are the most important resource in our ministry. Here’s to many more years of creating smiles in the eyes of the people we serve.

by Becky Rauen, Presbyterian Homes & Services senior vice president and chief human resources officer

Becky Rauen joined PHS in September 2023. She brings 25 years of experience in leading human resources in complex health care environments. She also currently serves as past president of the board of directors for the American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration. Becky says, “One of the main reasons I chose PHS is because of the organization’s focus on Christian culture and the centrality of the employee experience to the mission of PHS.”

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