The Deerfield


Diamond Accreditation

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The Deerfield was awarded Wisconsin Assisted Living Association (WALA) Diamond Program Accreditation in early 2020.

WALA’s Diamond Program believes that quality in an assisted living community is multifaceted and not achieved by merely calculating data. Rather, creating a quality AL community is done through implementing systems that support care and enrichment for residents and staff. This ensures that quality improvement work should be an ongoing process that continues after Accreditation.

The Diamond Accreditation Process is built upon three Pillars of Care:

1. Resident
2. Leadership
3. Community Workforce

The Diamond Accreditation Program believes these Three Pillars of Care are fundamental to any AL community. The Deerfield has been actively participating in the Diamond Program and has achieved and maintained an exemplary status.

The Deerfield successfully completed their accreditation process on February 27, 2020 with an exceptional presentation highlighting their internal quality improvement program and quality care projects they have completed since joining the Diamond Accreditation Program in 2014. Achieving the status of Accreditation is a reflection of their commitment to their core values of Christian Ministry, Ready and Engaged People, Operational Integrity, Service Excellence, and Stewardship.

Want to learn more? Review the complete WALA Diamond Program Accreditation Evaluation Form.

The Deerfield Team receiving their WALA Diamond Program Accreditation Certificate.