Walnut Ridge


Ridge Club Health & Fitness Center

Wellness is defined in Webster’s Dictionary as, “The focus of health on the whole person.” To achieve optimal wellness, Walnut Ridge welcomes you to the Ridge Club where the benefits of exercise can help you maintain strength, balance and fitness.

Your life partner for health and wellness

The Ridge Club features the highest quality fitness stations by TechoGym™. All equipment is specifically designed for older adults and is self adjusting, easy to use and even tracks your progress during a session.

The caring staff works with you to design a personalized exercise plan that will help you achieve your fitness goals.

The Ridge Club features a multi-purpose warm water pool. You can swim laps and/or participate in our stimulating water aerobic classes to improve your muscle tone, strength, and balance.

HYDROWORX1200™ Aquatic Therapy Pool
The Ridge Club offers the revolutionary HydroWorx® 1200™ aquatic therapy pool as an alternative to traditional exercise methods. Aquatic therapy soothes your body in comfortable 94 degree water, offering relief to joints and muscles. While you exercise, the buoyancy and warmth relieve the stress and strain on your body.

You don’t need to know how to swim to enjoy the therapy pool. There are no ladders or stairs to navigate. The adjustable floor rises to the pool deck, providing easy access for all. Each workout is personally supervised by a trained aquatic therapy instructor and you always accompanied while in the pool.

Benefits of Excercise 

  • Increased strength and flexibility
  • Better circulation
  • More comfort
  • Maintained or improved bone density
  • Improved balance
  • More energy

Benefits of Aquatic Therapy 

  • Increased muscle tone
  • Improved range of motion
  • Improved circulation
  • Enhanced balance and coordination
  • Decreased level of pain
  • Reduced stress