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‘Our Hannah’: well-loved server uplifts and leads others



Today in our Better Together series, we share the story of a much-loved culinary server. Hannah Solomon serves at Lexington Landing in Saint Paul, Minn.

Affectionately called “our Hannah,” she has earned a warm embrace by an entire community of residents and staff.

better together
From left: Courtney Jenderny, Hannah Solomon and Jim Klein

Hannah quickly admits it’s not about her — but her personal relationship with Christ. “I’m a Christian,” she says. “For me, Jesus is important to my life.”

Hannah feels any praise she receives is evidence of God’s real presence in her life. “It can’t be me because sometimes I don’t feel positive,” she explains further. “So, it’s something that’s inside of me. People describe that it radiates.”

Jim Klein, nutrition and culinary director, exclaims, “The residents just love Hannah!!!”

In 2021 many residents submitted CROSS award nominations to lift up their beloved Hannah. Rosanne wrote, “Hannah is an exceptional human being. She instantly remembers your name as soon as you move in and greets you by name all the time. As a server she knows your ‘favorites’ or ‘usual’ and comes to the table with what you need right away. She always smiles and her giggle is contagious. She helps my day to be a good one just by her presence.”

Meanwhile Beverley wrote, “Hannah’s strength is her unfailing happy spirit. As a server in the dining room, she uses this strength to lift my spirit. Her service goes beyond simply presenting me with food. She makes me feel happy to be a resident here. Someone nicknamed her ‘Sunshine,’ a perfect description of her effect on me.”

Another resident named Susan summarizes: “Hannah calls us all by name, she greets us with love, and she remembers who we are. She is an artist of people!”

Bashful and wise, Hannah responds, “I believe it goes both ways. Residents encourage me! And really, honestly, I have off days too. So today somebody called me her shining star. I just love her so much, because then I think, ‘Oh yeah, that’s what I am.’”

Campus administrator Courtney Jenderny sees a leader in this server who lifts up everyone around her. Speaking directly to Hannah, she says, “People are drawn to you. You’re leading by example in everything that you do. A lot of people are watching you and seeing how you treat others makes them want to be a better person. Really, you are a leader on the team.”

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