HallMar Village


Chris & Suzy DeWolf Family Innovation Center for Aging & Dementia

HallMar Village will include a hub of research, training and education in aging and dementia

The Chris & Suzy DeWolf Family Innovation Center for Aging & Dementia will provide valuable services to support people living with dementia, care partners and families. It will be where best practices in aging and dementia are discovered, evaluated and piloted. Specifically, it will include

Mercy’s Memory Clinic

Mercy’s Memory Clinic, which is currently housed at the hospital, will be relocated here to conveniently serve those living on-site, as well as extend services to the broader community. The Memory Clinic is a source of medical evaluation and assessment for people seeking to determine whether their changing memory is a normal part of aging or a form of dementia. To make an appointment now, please call (319) 398-6435

Healthcare Services On-Site

A geriatric medical clinic will have dedicated clinic space to provide ongoing care to residents for drop-ins and same-day acute services. Geriatric providers will also see residents in their homes, if necessary. Additionally, multi-specialty services will be available, including counseling and telehealth

The Family Caregivers Center of Mercy

The Family Caregivers Center of Mercy will offer resources consistent with those currently provided at their 901 8th Ave. SE location, including individual caregiver visits, support groups, educational events, art, music and chair yoga. For assistance, call (319) 221-8866

An Adult Day Center

The center will offer events and activities to bring meaning and purpose to people living with early-stage dementia. Programs will be tailored for early-stage dementia. The Adult Day Center will welcome both residents and those from the broader community. 

The Research & Training Institute

The Research & Training Institute will offer training to Mercy Medical Center and clinic staff, as well as family care partners and other care centers in the community.

The Institute will include

  • An aging and dementia think tank made up of a multi-disciplinary group of experts who will stimulate, inspire and advise innovations
  • Assistive technology that will offer assessment and training in the use of tools (like GPS and tracking devices; robots; reminder messaging; and monitoring devices and in-home cameras) will be featured in a variety of ways to help older adults and people living with chronic conditions, including dementia, to live as independently as possible
  • A living classroom model in which students will learn from staff, residents and care partners, as well as instructors, to become personal support workers using HallMar Village as a training site

Additionally, the Institute will collaborate with area colleges and universities and feature simulation labs. It will also offer education and training to Mercy staff, HallMar Village senior living community staff, and families experiencing chronic conditions like dementia.